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Wright and The Americas: Architecture, Art and Design in Mexico

February 12-19, 2020


"I remember how as a boy, primitive American architecture – Toltec, Aztec, Mayan, Inca – stirred my wonder, excited my wishful admiration. Those great American abstractions were all earth-architectures: gigantic masses of masonry raised up on great stone-paved terrain, all planned as one mountain."

- Frank Lloyd Wright, A Testament


In the early 1920s, Frank Lloyd Wright’s evolving vision for a uniquely American architecture made an abrupt shift. To better suit his clients on the West Coast and the rugged, hilly terrain of Los Angeles, the architect turned his attention from the prairie to the ruins of the Yucatan. The resulting concrete and textile block houses embraced indoor/outdoor living with a style both ancient and modern, and a glamour befitting Hollywood. Wright’s fascination with Pre-Columbian art and architecture was a lasting one, and it followed him around the globe.

Join the discussion as we travel to Mexico City and the Yucatán on an exploration of these little-studied influences. Experience the country’s brilliant architectural past and dynamic present – from Mayan to Colonial, Art Deco to Mexican Modernism. Learn about the life and work of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Visit homes by Luis Barragán, an architect who used vibrant color, organic materials and a masterful interchange of interior and exterior spaces to create a poetic architecture defined by light and color.

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