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Travel Wright Testimonials

Fallingwater: An Autumn Sonata
October 6-9, 2018

"All aspects of the tours I have taken with Travel Wright have been outstanding and far beyond my expectations. I look forward to traveling with you again in the future!!"

"The hosts at the private homes were especially welcoming and it was so interesting to be able to understand what it is like to live in these houses. The quality of the guided tour at Fallingwater was truly outstanding, as was the content of the presentation. I appreciated that we never felt rushed at any of the houses."

"Last day was outstanding and grand finale was the farm to table dinner at Kentuck Knob. Amazing!!"


Travel Wright Vienna: The Secession
June 15-21, 2018

"Dr. Timmermann was fantastic. Her depth of knowledge made this tour even better than I had expected."

"When I return from these trips, I realize how much I learned and how exciting it was. It took the planners lots of time to make it happen."


The Art of Craft: Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism in Paris and Brussels
June 2-9, 2018

"I would travel with you again. I've found the trips carefully organized to offer lots to see and much to learn specific to FLW, the people and periods influencing him, and in a few instances info on his influence to those after him."

"Absolutely love the places you are able to get us into. And Risa, you are a delightful person who is so calm and helpful and knowledgeable. I’m very grateful to you."


Wright in Japan: The Architect’s Eastern Vision
March 28-April 8, 2018

"Overall an awesome trip, memorable, I would certainly recommend to people and consider another trip."

"For architecture fans who have an interest in the Japanese aesthetic this is a fabulous trip. Risa’s knowledge of the food and culture certainly enhanced the experience. Highly recommend this trip if you are both a foodie and Frank Lloyd Wright fan!"


Wright in Japan: The Architect’s Eastern Vision
March 18-29, 2018

"The trip of a lifetime for both of us! We both agreed that we could not have done this trip on our own. We could have visited Japan, but we would not have had access to— or knowledge of— many of the very special sites, esp. those outside the major cities and the architecture treasures. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TRIP!"

"This tour was superb. We would love to go again sometime."


Japan through the Eyes of Frank Lloyd Wright
September 12-23, 2017

"The concept of the tour was great and very informative. We learned a lot, had a blast, and enjoyed the tour very much."

"Thank you! This was our first time taking a tour and we really did enjoy it."

"We would never have seen all these sights on our own, with the insights provided by Kevin and Sue. Sue illuminated Japanese culture and everyday living in an amusing and informative manner through personal experiences. Some of her stories will continue to make us smile for many years, we're sure. Risa's judgement on what sights are worthwhile ( the poet's house in Meji Mura) are invaluable. This was our first tour, and it was amazing to be with people that shared such an intense interest in Frank Lloyd Wright."


Japan through the Eyes of Frank Lloyd Wright
September 2-13, 2017

"I could not have asked for a better first visit to Japan. We visited a wonderful variety of historic and cultural sites and stayed in beautiful locations. Outstanding guide and support services."

"A fabulous trip, well planned and executed. Not a glitch! Fun and informative. We felt like we saw a great selection of Japanese sites."

"This was our third time to Japan, but we really appreciated the architectural focus and travel with fellow Wright fans. It was a really interesting group to travel with, and our leader, expert and guide were all excellent. As we are also very enthusiastic about Japanese food, we appreciated the number of meals that we were free to arrange on our own. That said, the meals included with the tour were very good."


New York City: Wright’s Urban Vision
July 8-10, 2017

“As always, the most exciting thing about a Wright Tour are the outstanding guides---true experts in their fields and the insights gained. We also get to see buildings not generally open to the public.”

“Seeing the "Unpacking the Archives" exhibit at the MOMA before hours with just our group and a knowledgeable guide was an opportunity not to be missed by fans of Frank Lloyd Wright.”

“A wonderful trip with a congenial group. David's expertise is a great supplement to the excellent guides at each locale. Risa kept us on time and well organized and arranged for excellent meals.”


Morris to Mackintosh: British Arts and Crafts
June 9-18, 2017

"This was our first ever group tour. It was far better than we imagined. All three leaders went well beyond our expectations. Each stop showed us something interesting related to the Arts & Crafts theme."

"I would recommend this program to others. It was not only having the ability to access buildings that are not normally accessible but not having to rent a car to get to the sites and worry about navigating and finding places to stay and eat. The staff could be relied upon to accommodate us as much as possible."

"This was a special way to see the major William Morris sites and the Rennie Macintosh sites with an expert leader. It was well organized in every aspect with very nice hotels, comfortable buses, excellent meals and delightful fellow travelers. I recommend the trip highly."


California Craft: Frank Lloyd Wright and California Modern
Feb 10-13, 2017

“We especially appreciated the opportunity to have expanded access to sites. It would have taken several trips too L.A. to do it on our own and would not have been nearly as in depth.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the variety of houses seen. David and Risa were great and broadened our knowledge of LA/Pasadena architecture!”

“Amazing trip that I didn't want to end.”


An American Legacy: Architecture, Craft, and Design in Upstate New York
Sept 9-12, 2016

“The FLWright tours are among the most expert and enjoyable trips I take--and I travel extensively. Exceptional accommodations, interested and interesting participants, insightful guides, and the in-depth tours of Wright architecture make a most rewarding experience. Kudos!”

“Excellent value for the money. Thanks for the experience.”


An American Legacy: Architecture, Craft, and Design in Upstate New York
Sept 16-19, 2016

“We really appreciate the various "experts" who spoke not only about Frank Lloyd Wright, but about Buffalo and East Aurora. It was a special treat to hear and see the efforts related to the restoration process, including landscaping and millwork. These are very special opportunities not typically available when simply touring the Darwin House or Graycliff.”

“The tour was a wonderful experience with excellent guides and congenial participants that I would recommend to anyone interested in the visual arts.”


Wright in Japan: The Architect’s Eastern Vision
March 29-April 6, 2016

“Sharing great sites with great guides and fellow travelers! Risa, Michiyo, and Karen were amazing! Staying in wonderful accommodations with excellent meals, overall. Daitoku-ji (Koho-an). Miho. Byodo-in Temple: specifically, the modern Akira Kuryu addition!”

“The wide range of sites and cultural experiences. The Miho Museum ( we would have loved to have had more time there given the outstanding museum, location and collection and the time to get there) Also, Risa was a treasure and invaluable resource which made the trip memorable.”

“Seeing the architecture and hearing in depth information about it...and being exposed to the Japanese culture and learning about that, I really enjoyed being with my fellow travelers...a great group of people I hope to meet again...tour guides and Risa...fantastic! Thanks so much!!!”


California Craft: Frank Lloyd Wright and California Modern
Feb 12-15, 2016

“I highly recommend this tour to anyone who appreciates the history and beauty of the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and his contemporaries, Greene & Greene. The access provided, based upon the respect for the FLW Preservation Trust and the relationships built by Risa Sekiguchi, far exceeded my expectations!!”

“This was a fabulous trip with very unique experiences! No one could be given a tour by the home owner on their own, see Unity Temple stained glass being restored, tour part of the Huntington guided by a curator, and see a Frank Lloyd Wright home not currently open to the public. This was an incredibly unique experience.”

“The trip ignited a passion for the past. Constant reminders were presented that confirmed the importance of historic preservation. It was clear that economic decisions were made by speculators who did not realize they were destroying future economic engines. Every developer in a historic village should be encouraged to take this tour.”


The Art of Craft: Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism in Paris and Brussels, September 2015

“Exceeded my hopes and expectations by a long way. I loved the educational side of this trip. Maybe a lecture in a quiet place with beer would have added, but I don't know how I could have absorbed any more art and information. Sigh... Must be getting old.”

“Could never have seen or learned as much on my own, or on any other tour. It allowed me the education to walk the cities and view all the varied architectural styles of them. I did take one morning off to shop and think that others might have wanted time too. You, however packed so many great sights into so few days that I saved money on gifts (another bonus).”

“Risa continues to be a lovely person, highly competent and aesthetically sensitive. She is a big reason why I would want to take other trips. Stephanie was great. I think that Maryse was really great although she didn't always realize when we needed a bit of a rest.”


Travel Wright Japan: The Architect’s Eastern Vision, May 2015

“This trip far exceeded my expectations. Loved everything about it. Love Japan and the graciousness of the people. Many of us came in early, so you might consider adding a couple of days to the much to see and do and a little more free time would be nice. Great job Risa. Thanks for everything.”

“This was one of the best trips we've taken. Risa was a GREAT tour guide, as was Aki.”

“Great program which more than met my expectations and gave me a wonderful glimpse into Japanese arts and crafts helping me to better understand the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.”


California Craft: West Coast Modern and Frank Lloyd Wright, February 2015

"Having David Bagnall with us was fantastic! He's so knowledgeable and interesting."

"What a special opportunity to visit the Hollyhock House before the official re-opening and get to take photos of the interior. The owners of the Blacker House were such gracious hosts, another very special opportunity. Finally, seeing the restoration being accomplished at the Ennis House vs. the sad state of the Freeman House was a very interesting juxtaposition."

"This was our first "group" trip and to say it met our expectations is an understatement. We had a glorious experience and both Risa and David were a big part of that. The trip was well organized and the opportunities to visit non-public homes a real treat."


Travel Wright Vienna: The Secession, September 2014

"Everything was excellent. The bonus to me, was the quality of the experts.”


Morris to Mackintosh: British Arts and Crafts, June 2014

“We certainly will travel (again) with the Trust. We had a memorable time and some great experiences with and without our group. We were in good hands with Risa and Milena.”

“One of the best educational based tours I have taken.”


Travel Wright Japan: The Architect’s Eastern Vision, March-April, 2014

“We loved all of the places that we visited. We especially appreciated the organization of the tour. We were able to make the best use of our time.”

“I enjoyed filling out the questionnaire, Japan was such a positive experience for me. You will see that I was trying to skew it a little further into the camp of the singles, which I realize is not easy to do when you've got all those couples to also please. You did a masterful job of keeping various personalities in check. You have the temperament, and talent, for that. Always cheerful, never any sign of stress dawn to dusk.”

“Risa was an outstanding leader and guide. Her temperament, knowledge and friendly manner made the trip a totally enjoyable experience.”

“Thanks again for putting a wonderful trip together. It was well balanced between all the different aspects, architecture, gardens, food, and history.”


California Craft: West Coast Modern and Frank Lloyd Wright, February 2014

“I thought it was an outstanding tour! I am quite familiar with Wright's Chicago area work, but knew almost nothing about his California work, and knew little about Greene and Greene. As a result, I had high expectations for the tour and it more than met my expectations. It was exciting for all of us to get access to three houses that either aren't currently toured at all or very seldom, and I think it gave us kind of a special feeling ("Gee, I guess we're important people.") And to have curators at these sites as our interpreters made it even better….”


Morris to Mackintosh: British Arts & Crafts, September 2013

“Yes, I would travel with you again because this like other trips have been excellent, even more than I expected. The sites picked were excellent for showing the Arts & Craft Movement and the local experts made it extra special, something you would not have experiences if you traveled on your own to these sites. I felt our three guides for the trip did an excellent job to make things run smoothly. This is what I call a "special interest" tour and it achieved it purpose to the fullest. I will look forward to future tours with the Trust.”

“Normally we don't go on tours but these are a wonderful exception: excellent programs, congenial groups. So glad Risa has returned. We'll be back!”


Town & Country: Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago and Wisconsin, August 2013

“The tour was expensive for me, but I got my money's worth. It was on my "bucket list." I never travel with groups, but I liked this trip”

“Wonderful! It was my first tour of ANY kind. I like the variety of sites. Not just house after house.”

“Home safely; we wanted to thank you for an enjoyable and informative trip. Your work preparing and coordinating the trip was evident and appreciated.”


Wright Way Arizona: Design in the Desert, February 2013

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the most excellent Wright adventure. I'm not a wealthy man but don't regret a penny spent in Arizona. It was all well worth it. Excellent meal choices. Your herding skills and patience were laudable. And some of the situations that arose from the group personality were the most amusing and memorable.”

“We had a great group, didn't we? I was so happy to find out that everything I expected the Frank Lloyd Wright itinerary was everything I expected, and more. The Go Wright group certainly goes first class, as far as I am concerned. I have no complaints at all, and in fact was very much satisfied with every single thing. You and Brooke made everything so comfortable, even when little unexpected "delays" came up you just forged ahead and everything came out alright. It's all in the way you guys present yourselves. If you don't panic, no one else will:)”


Town & Country: Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago and Wisconsin, August 2012

“It exceeded our expectations. Very good tour leader Jan and her helper Elizabeth. Would recommend this tour without reservation.”


Wright Way Japan, March-April 2012

“I have traveled to many places outside of the U.S.A. but this was my first trip to an Asian country. It was quite different but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It will be a trip that I will never forget. I appreciate all the work that was involved in putting it together and seeing that everything ran smoothly.”


Wright Way Pennsylvania, October 2011

“It's always great to get private tours to great architecture, with special, professional attention, and where we are able to photograph (for our own private use).”


Wright Way Upstate New York, October 2009

"Patti Bigelow was excellent in her planning. She was always on top of everything including unexpected "events"! Our group "bonded" very well, and we all had a great time, making new friends."


Wright Way Midwest, September '08

"This is my second trip and I have loved both of them. It is so much better to travel to these places under the wing of the Preservation Trust."

"We so much appreciate the opportunities you provide for us to follow our architecture and FLW passions and to learn in such an enjoyable way. Thank you soooo much!"


Wright Way Wisconsin, July '08

"As an architecture "novice" – I was totally blown away! It was awesome. Thank you!"

"Thank you for facilitating a wonderful tour. Because of your dedicated work, we were able to experience, first-hand, a collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings I’ve studied for decades. I was thrilled, moved, informed, and fascinated all at once. Visiting the Calatrava was an added joy. Although I’ve been a Trust member for several years, this was only my second organized event. I look forward to participating in future tours."


Wright Way New England, June '08

"GREAT! One of the best trips I have been on!"

"We had a great time and are so glad to have been able to take part of this trip. Thank you again."


Wright Way Central Michigan, April '07

Personal expertise shared graciously, humbly and articulately enhances any experience. It was very significant to the quality of the tour to have this expertise."


Wright Way Japan Oct. '06

"Outstanding. Everything was flawlessly executed…Risa represents the gold standard in guides. In control, but without being obtrusive. Sensitive to others and not at all self-involved. She and Kirk got up and met me at 7:00am on our free day so we could visit the Kyoto flea market at the optimal time. Clearly that was above and beyond the call of duty, and when they helped me find and select gifts- it was extraordinary. We have spent far more to travel with A&K and yet never had an experience that equaled this one."

"Rog and I might have liked more time on our own on this trip--but ONLY IF WE COULD HAVE HAD ALL 48-HOUR DAYS!  We wouldn't have wanted to give up a single one of our planned activities in the time that we had together.  You showed us Japanese culture from so many fresh angles and we appreciate that.  We looked at the cultural background and the beauty of Japan that inspired Frank Lloyd Wright, the architecture that he created in Japan, that he inspired in the works of Arato Endo, and architecture as it continues to evolve in Japan in the elegant Miho Museum of I.M. Pei, and in the new imaginative buildings on Omotesando Street in Tokyo… Rog and I would happily travel again with the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust."

"I have a new understanding of what 20th century Western modern architecture was trying to achieve, and feel that I experienced it in 15th century buildings in Japan.  I came home to an 1838 house of brick and plaster walls, with fixed symmetrical doorways, and wished that they could all slide open and let light in in different ways, and be arranged differently every day.  I have a new appreciation of the potential for even six inches of ground to become a garden, and to feel an obligation to create an architecture that reflects that knowledge.  I am in awe of Japanese craftspeople, of every kind, and of the kindness and morality of the Japanese people.  And it is a humbling gift to know that there are wonders of the world,  cultural and architectural, that we do not even know of, waiting to be explored."


Wright Way Upstate New York '06

"One of the friendliest groups I’ve been in! Really nice people."

"This trip FAR exceeded our expectations! EXTRAORDINARY in every way! What a great experience, what great people. We were STUNNED by Buffalo, as the place and people totally blew away our preconceptions and prejudices.  We literally felt like this was a place we could move to and live… it was just that comfortable. We felt privileged to be witness to what we consider the “birth” of Buffalo’s Wrightian Rennaissance…and to stay at the Roycroft, the well-spring of the Arts and Crafts movement in America was a dream come true. It was like a visit to Shangri-la. Simply Sublime!"


Wright Way Japan, October '05

"It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. All aspects of planning and execution were handled beautifully. We had so much fun!"

"The hotels were excellent and service fantastic. I initially thought we could stay in cheaper hotels but I’m glad I stayed where I did… The whole trip was very memorable. I was very impressed with the country and its beauty. I also enjoyed very much meeting the other persons on the trip. I was concerned before leaving about whether I would enjoy the trip since I did not know anyone going before we went."


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